Health & STIs

FPNSW Talkline - 1300 658 886
Sexual Health Infolink - 1800 451 624
PEP Hotline - 1800 737 669
iLoveClaude - sexual health resource and play packs for women who play with women
Better to know - STI contact tracing service
Let them know - STI contact tracing service

Play, Pleasure & Toys
Condom Credit Card - free service in NSW
Max Black

Trans and Gender Diverse

Health & STIs

31 sexuality resources you need to bookmark - The Sexologist
How likely is it that birth control will let you down
Gynodiversity - collages of vulva diversity [NSFW]
Honeycomb - Herpes support forum

Play, Pleasure & Toys

Trans and Gender Diverse

ACON’s Trans and Gender Diverse Language Guide - our preferred language guide GLAAD Media Reference Guide - Transgender
HRT Self-Medication: Accuracy and Risks of HRT
Yes, trans women can get period symptoms
Debunking “Trans Women Are Not Women” Arguments


Body Talk
Play Safe - including Ask Nurse Nettie
STI Programs Unit
Family Planning NSW
Scarlet Alliance


While we appreciate the work that these organisations and companies do, and in many cases have professional and personal connections with them, this podcast has no affiliation with any of the above groups or sites. If you are seeking medical advice, we will always advise that you see your preferred medical professional first.